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h1. Tvheadend v4.2

The current plan is that the next release of Tvheadend will jump to 4.2 as it will contain some very significant changes and may break configuration compatibility.

h2. Changelog

h3. v4.2

For the full changelog you can consult "github":, but beware this is pretty big!

h4. Core updated

* internationalization support for webui
* separated passwords from ACLs
* allow multiple profiles / channel tags per ACL
* improved traces (negligible runtime overhead when compiled-in - --enable-trace)
* whole HTTP data interface is accessible through /api URLs
* improved the internal data handling (idnode, simple node)
* improved m3u playlist generator (advanced options to export logos)
* added Enigma2 playlist generator
* added XMLTV EPG generator
* bouquets - added automatic import from Enigma1/2 bouquets
* XMLTV/PyEPG: rewrite EPG importers (better channel mapping and management)

h4. DVB Improvements

* added HEVC (H.265) support
* improved MPEG audio frame parsers (layers 1,2,3)
* improved AAC audio frame parsers
* added over-the-air ATSC EPG parser
* improved descrambling (buffering, error handling)
* added master tuner feature for linuxdvb
* improved live service checking

h4. DVR Improvements

* added support for multiple files per entry (delete request now removes all files from disc)
* possibility to filter out failed recordings for an user
* added advanced format for the output filename specification (format string)
* added possibility to change owner/creator fields for administator
* added possibility to disable scheduled recordings
* added "autodelete" functionality to autorec
* added possibility to re-record wronly received broadcasting
* added possibility to do precise recordings based on the EPG running status

h4. IPTV

* added proper stream timing (to stream static media)
* added auto-network (auto-import) functionality using m3u playlists
* added file:// support
* added simple HTTP HLS support

h4. SAT>IP

* added support for embedded (interleaved) data in RTSP sessions for client and server
* added possibility to pass the subscription weight from client to server

h4. Transcoding

* more audio/video encoder optimized settings
* add HEVC (H.265) support


* added initial configuration wizard
* add theme support (blue,gray,access)
* partial AJAX updates
* configurable area on top (login, clock, storage space)
* multi-row editor (change multiple records together)
* cumulative status for all input tuners
* improved help (source text is in markdown)

h2. Download

See [[Download|Download]] section.

* - - See [[AptRepository|here]] for further details.-

h3. Source code

* "tvheadend-4.2.1": — Release on github.