Traces - verbose debugging

Please, read this whole information. If you don't see [TRACE] lines in the log file, you misconfigured something and we will ask you for new feedback which slows down the help process.

It is quite usual that a developer asks you to provide more verbose logs using the trace (verbose logs for development) which tvheadend includes. If you see --trace <comma_separated_list_of_subsystems> you need to follow this.

Compile tvheadend using --enable-trace option for the configure script see Building to compile tvheadend directly from sources. The traces are enabled by default, but packages - except debug versions - disable this functionality.

!!! The [TRACE] lines are written only to the log file. You will not see them on console or syslog output. Please, enter the log file. !!!

The first way to enable traces is from the command-line options (to specify the log file and all subsystems to debug), like:

./build.linux/tvheadend -l /tmp/tvheadend.log --trace htsp,subscription,pat,pmt,bat

The second way is to use the debugging tab in the configuration (this settings is not preserved):

debugging.png (32.3 KB) Jaroslav Kysela, 2015-06-02 10:33