Tvheadend TODO list

This list is just a general scratch-pad where anyone can write down ideas, etc.

Add -l option (easy)

Starting Tvheadend with the '-l' option should always allow access from localhost without any questions asked.
Useful for mediacenters.

Add AVAHI support (medium)

Autodiscovery of Tvheadend would be nice. This should obviously be implemented using Avahi.
This should just announce Tvheadend as some kind of service.

Rewrite the internal streaming pipeline (hard)

The internal pipeline is a bit too inflexible at the moment. The rewrite needs to address these problems:

  • Add a time-shifter.
  • Remove cumbersome locking between nodes in the pipe.
  • Prepare for adding live transcoders

This is how we want it to be:

 [Input source]-[Arbitration] -+-> [Transcoder X] -> [Timeshifter] -> ...
                               +-> [Transcoder Y] -> ....
                               +-------------------> [Timeshifter] -+-- Multiple
                                                                    +-- subscribers
                                                                    +-- (HTSP, RTSP, DVR, etc)

Switch UI to ExtJS 3.0 (hard)

Upgrade the user-interface to ExtJS 3.0.
Features of particular interest would be:

  • The Row editor as a replacement for how the grids are edited today. I really like this one (/andoma)
  • The Adobe Flash based Charting for display real-time updates of stream bitrates, DVB adapter errors, etc.
  • Ext.Direct for the Comet implementation. Probably more robust than the current code.

Add wizards for some common tasks (hard)

Initially we want to add some kind of setup-wizard for the DVB subsystem. It's a bit too complicated to use at the moment.

Re-implement the RTSP interface (hard)

RTSP was thrown out of the code when Tvheadend was rewritten to be fully multi-threaded. It would be nice to get this back.

Realtime transcoding (hard)

Adding realtime transcoding of video/audio to produce low bitrate output.

Realtime video display in WebUI (hard/medium)

Multiple options exist here.

a) Application embedding (of VLC or similar) that just connects to the RTSP server.

b) Flash Video playback. Requires transcoding to h264 and AAC and a flash streaming server.

c) Use the HTMLv5 <video> tag. Requires transcoding to theora and vorbis. Does this use OGG as multiplex?

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