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Adam Sutton, 2012-08-21 15:03


This is used by Adam for his TVH server. It is a PCIe card providing dual DVB-S2 tuners. Unlike some other cards TeVii-S480 it's a native PCIe interface and not a PCIe to USB bridge.

Driver Support

TBS provide official (out of tree) kernel drivers which can be downloaded from here. However the one issue I find is that the build system defaults to including ALL TBS's drivers, which is a LOT. And so it can take more than an hour to compile everything.

To simplify the process I created a config file to only compile those modules that are required, I've attached it to this article.

Building/Installing driver

1. Download from here
2. mkdir tbs; cd tbs; unzip
3. tar xf linux-tbs-drivers.tar.bz2
4. find -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
5. chmod 755 linux-tbs-drivers/v4l/scripts/*
6. find linux-tbs-drivers -name “*.sh” -exec chmod 755 {} \;
7. cd linux-tbs-drivers/
8. ./v4l/
9. Copy attached config to ./v4l/.config
10. make
11. mkdir tbs
12. find -name “*.ko” -exec cp {} tbs/ \;
13. tar jcf tbs-modules.tar.bz2 tbs
14. tar -C /lib/modules/$(uname -r) -xf tbs-modules.tar.bz2
15. depmod -a

Note: you can combine steps 11-14, it's just I build on diff machine to install.

Once installed you will need to reboot due to the way the driver is integrated.

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