Remote Tuner

In some cases, the development might be more effective, if the problematic live streams can be used directly through internet. It may apply for EPG, but also for other real-time data processing.

SAT>IP Server - Minisatip

Setup minisatip and forward only the RTSP port (usually TCP port 554) outside. We can use the embedded MPEG-TS data in the RTSP session, so this only port forwarding is sufficient. Contact the developer through PM to obtain the IP address which will be used for the debugging.

Example - run on foreground, RTSP on TCP port 5544, enable only /dev/dvb/adapter2:

minisatip -f -y 5544 -e 2

If you have a problem discovering the minisatip server in the tvheadend you may need to pass the `--satip_xml` parameter like this:

./build.linux/tvheadend --satip_xml http://IP_OF_THE_MINISATIP_SERVER:8080/desc.xml

Then you should see the SAT>IP device(s) in configuration

SAT>IP Server - Tvheadend

You can also enable the SAT>IP server directly in the tvheadend. But (to not stack the possible problems), the minisatip SAT>IP server is preferred.

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