List of features

SDTV and HDTV support
H264, MPEG2 and partial H265 video support. AC-3, AAC and MP2 audio support. DVB subtitles support.

Input sources

  • DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-S2 and ATSC.
    Multiple adapters are supported. Each adapter can receive all services available on the currently tuned mux simultaneously.
  • Multicast IPTV.
    Both raw transport streams in UDP and transport stream in RTP in UDP is supported. The presence of RTP is auto detected.
  • SAT>IP
    Various satellite to IP boxes are supported (DD Octopus NET, etc).

Output targets

  • The built-in Digital Video Recorder
  • HTTP Streaming.

Modern web user interface
Entire application loaded into browser. No page refreshes or slow updates. Based on ExtJS.

Easy to administrate and configure
All set-up and configuration is done from the built-in web user interface. All settings are stored in human readable text files.

Fully integrated with HTS Showtime Media player
All channel data and grouping, EPG and TV streaming is conducted over a single TCP connection.

Digital Video Recorder
Built-in video recorder stores recorded programmes as Matroska (.mkv), Transport Stream (.ts) files or "same as source". Multiple simultaneous recordings are supported. All original streams (multiple audio tracks, etc) are recorded.

Electronic Program Guide
Imports data from DVB and XMLTV. Searchable from the web user interface. Results can be scheduled for recording with a single click.

Built-in timeshift allows the user to pause, rewind or fast-forward the current service (Client dependant).

Automatic recordings
Create rule-sets manually or based on EPG queries that will record all future programmes matching the query. Great for recording your favourite TV-show(s).

Easy DVB set-up
Tvheadend includes list of all major DVB-T, DVB-C and DVB-S networks around the globe, just pick your location from the pre-defined muxes list. You can also add a mux manually and let network discovery find additional muxes automatically if you prefer.

Stream filter
Create rule-sets that allow filtering and re-ordering of elementary streams.

Multi-user support
Grant access to various system features based on username / password and/or IP address.

Software based CSA descrambling
Requires a card server (code word client and capmt protocol is supported).

All text is encoded in UTF-8 to provide full international support. All major character encodings in DVB is supported.

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