John Törnblom

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John has been providing various patches and improvements to Tvheadend for quite some time. However its recently decided to take the "leap of faith" and join the newly formed development team.

His primary interest will be on the streaming aspects of Tvheadend. He's currently working on replacing the internal muxer with a modular system that will allow us to potentially provide support for a variety of different containers. We hope to see this work included in Tvheadend-31.

He's also implemented some transcoding support, using libav. This can be found on his fork.

And finally John is the maintainer of TVHGuide, an extremely useful Android application that can be used to both control Tvheadend (record programs, etc.) and receive live/recorded streams for playback on an Android device. For more details about TVHGuide, please visit Johns site. We hope to see TVHGuide added to the Google play in the coming months.

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