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Dave Chapman, 2012-11-13 00:05

EPG database structure

This page is a work-in-progress to document the internal EPG database structure in tvh.

Broadcast object - epg_broadcast_t

This object contains the details of a specific airing (channel & time) of an episode.

Populated from
Field Type Description DVB EIT OpenTV XML TV PyEPG
id uint32_t Internal ID
uri char* Unique ID (from grabber)
dvb_eit uint16_t DVB Event ID
start time_t Start time (UTC)
stop time_t Stop time (UTC)
is_widescreen uint8_t Is widescreen
is_hd uint8_t Is HD
lines uint16_t Lines in image (quality)
aspect uint16_t Aspect ratio (*100)
is_deafsigned uint8_t In screen signing
is_subtitled uint8_t Teletext subtitles
is_new uint8_t New series / film premiere
is_repeat uint8_t Repeat screening
summary lang_str_t* Summary text
description lang_str_t* Description
episode epg_episode_t* Link to tvheadend episode object
serieslink epg_serieslink_t* SeriesLink
channel struct channel* Channel being broadcast on

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