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h1. Download

Latest version 3.0 2.12

[[Documentation]] is available online.


* "hts-tvheadend_3.0_i386.deb": "hts-tvheadend_2.12_i386.deb": โ€” Binary for Debian/Ubuntu 32bit.
* "hts-tvheadend_3.0_amd64.deb": "hts-tvheadend_2.12_amd64.deb": โ€” Binary for Debian/Ubuntu 64bit.


* "hts-tvheadend_3.0.tar.gz": "hts-tvheadend_2.12.tar.gz": โ€” Release tree.

h2. Source code

The source for Tvheadend is hosted on github at

h2. Tvheadend on Debian & Ubuntu

HTS has its own repository for Debian and Ubuntu systems, located here:

deb hts main

A public key file for the repository is available "here":

You can either add this directly to your /etc/apt/sources.list or use the "Software Center in Ubuntu": to add it.

Once the respository has been setup you can install directly from a command line:
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install hts-tvheadend

You can of course also install the package directly from Software Center if you prefer that.

The install process will prompt you for a super username/password combination. You will need to configure this in order to log into the web interface. The user can not be changed or removed from within tvheadend itself. You can still add/remove new users but this special username/password will always grant full access to all features.

If you need to change the username and/or password you can reconfigure the package. From a command line, execute:
sudo dpkg-reconfigure hts-tvheadend

Once you are all set, login to Tvheadend via the "Built in web interface":http://localhost:9981

h2. Tvheadend on "ClearOS":

Read a short install HOWTO "here":