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h1. Donations

We have received several generous donations in the recent past and we wanted to recognise these. Therefore we will try and list as many as we can remember here, sorry if not everyone gets listed.

If you want to [[Donate]] please feel free, all proceeds are put to good usage. Like keeping the [[Team]] fed :p

h2. !exsilia.png!:

The hosting company that are providing several key services:

* Private server for hosting (and sub domains)
* Email routing for

h2. !tbs.png!:

DVB hardware manufacturer. The have provided various bits of kit for testing and generally aiding development:

* "MOI": - Each developer was provided with a MOI for review
* "TBS6985": - Provided to [[Adam]] to expand his development capability and investigate some possible issues with Quad tuner cards.
* TBS5280 - Provided to [[Adam]] to allow testing of some DVB-T scanning features.
* Cash donation as good will payment for using Tvheadend on their MOI platform and general support of the project.

h2. !sundtek.gif!:

DVB hardware manufacturer.

* USB DVB-T, DVB-C, analog, composite, S-Video, FM Radio - Provided to [[Andreas]] for testing