If you are intending to do Tvheadend development or simply self-building / testing then this page gives a few useful hints and tips.


If you intend to build and test tvheadend its recommended that you do this as your own user, it'll make things a lot easier and can help isolate a test build from your main live build.

You will need to give your user account the necessary permissions to access the DVB hardware:

sudo usermod -a -G video $(id -nu)

If you already have an existing configuration you might consider taking a copy of this to give you a realistic data set without tainting your main config:

sudo cp -a ~hts/.hts/tvheadend/ ./test-conf
sudo chown -R $(id -nu):$(id -ng)  ./test-conf

Enable coredumps (this is best put in shell init script):

ulimit -c unlimited

You should now be able to run tvheadend as yourself (remember to turn off the main tvheadend service):

mkdir -p test-conf
./build.linux/tvheadend -c ./test-conf


For more general information about debugging please read this page.

Submitting changes

If you wish to submit fixes or features to Tvheadend then you will need to sign up for a GitHub account.

All submissions must be made in the form of GitHub Pull Requests (PRs for short).

Also before you can send a submission, you must first read the Contributors page regarding licensing.

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