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h1. Clients

Tvheadend provides a HTTP streaming mechanism that can be used in conjunction with many different media players. However several clients also include support for the [[HTSP]] protocol that Tvheadend uses for both streaming and control, these give a much richer experience.

Below you will find a list of a few that we are aware of, there may be more!

h2. "Showtime":

Showtime was the original Tvheadend client, written by the original Tvheadend author, [[Andreas]]. It is still one of the best clients for interacting with Tvheadend.

h2. "XBMC":

With the integration of "PVR": functionality into XBMC, this has now become possibly the most popular Tvheadend client. Indeed much of the recent development of [[HTSP]] has been focused on improving integration with XBMC.

h2. [[Tvhguide|TVHGuide]]

An Android app, written by [[John|John Tornblom]], that can be used to control Tvheadend and also stream TV services to your phone.

h2. [[Pidvbip|pidvbip]]

This is a dedicated Tvheadend Set-top-box (STB) client, written by [[Dave|Dave Chapman]], specifically for the raspberry pi. It aims to create a very simple, intuitive user interface similar to that you might expect of any off the shelf STB.

h2. [[Vlchtsp|VLC HTSP Plugin]]

This VLC plugin integrates [[HTSP]] support, thus allowing a richer interface within VLC and thus turning it into a stand-alone Tvheadend client.

h2. [[TvhClient|TvhClient]]

An iPhone app, written by Luís Fernandes, that can be used to control Tvheadend.