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Adam Sutton, 2012-08-09 12:55

Before creating a new ticket

  • Please search existing tickets to avoid reporting duplicates.
  • If your not sure, check the forums or contact us on IRC
  • Please report only one problem per ticket.
  • If the bug is about problems with DVB feed (DVB EPG, missing services, etc) ideally we need a TS dump.
  • If you are using custom build (from git) please provide git hash of repository ($ git rev-parse [--short] HEAD).
  • If Tvheadend crashed, please read this page

Ticket process

  • The ticket classification includes these steps:
    • Verify the component, type (defect or enhancement) is correct
    • Decide a milestone for the ticket (or none at all if it's far in the future)
    • Move the ticket into a new state
  • If the team needs more info to fix a bug the ticket will be placed into the NEEDINFO state.
    Tickets in this state that have not been responded to in a month will be closed to avoid having opened tickets waiting forever.

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