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Adam Sutton, 2013-04-22 13:22

Apt Repository

Tvheadend now maintains its own apt repository (rather than the previous use of launchpad). The repository is actually made up of three separate sub-repositories containing builds of varying stability:

Before you can use the repositories you probably want to import the GPG signing key:

curl | sudo apt-key add -

You will then need to add which ever repository you feel is most appropriate, for example if you want to live on the edge:

sudo apt-add-repository
sudo apt-get update

Note: if you install more than one repository you will only ever get packages from the one holding the most recent version number, so the order of priority would be:

unstable > beta > stable

You can easily remove a repository though, so should you suddenly come over all sensible:

sudo apt-add-repository -r

Raspberry Pi

There are now builds for the pi in the apt repository. We've been a bit naughty and just lumped them in main as armhf (which conflicts with standard debian repo's, but blame poor arch naming!). So you can just use the above commands or add:

deb wheezy main

To your sources.list file.

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