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Adam is relatively new to the world of DVB, having got interested after XBMC PVR started to really pick up. However he's been fairly instrumental in the rejuvenation of the Tvheadend project, proposing the move of git source to a community owned organisation and generally pushing people to get involved (he likes to boss people around ;) ).

His interest mainly lies in the area of EPG (and DVR), having originally got interested due to the pain that was the UK XMLTV script. He wrote his own replacement based on better upstream source, and started to integrate this into Tvheadend. Ultimately this lead to a complete re-write of the Tvheadend EPG system, to provide greater structure.

His working knowledge of DVB and the rest of the Tvheadend code is limited, but he's trying to learn as he goes.


NAS/DVB Server (aka Bombadil)

Media PC#1 / Living Room (aka Merry)

Media PC#2 / Bedroom (aka Samwise)


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