Offiical Apt Repository Back

Added by Adam Sutton almost 8 years ago


After several years of being unsupported the official apt repository,, is now back on-line.

Unfortunately in my haste to get this up and running I had forgotten that many users may still be porting at the out of date repository and relying on it not updating their systems.

Unfortunately as now documented in AptRepository, the stable repository now includes a nightly build of the stable branch, which at time of writing is release/4.0. And as a result of my haste this has caused many people's systems to be updated from a very old 3.4 to 4.0.8.

I apologise profusely for this. I would normally have ensured plenty of warning, but was simply eager to do something useful after nearly 2 years away from the project.

I can only say that I personally upgraded to a 4.0 release a few months back and before that was using something very similar to 4.0 for some 2 years (and a I'm not usually an early adopter).

While it does have a considerably different configuration system (mostly my fault!), I can honestly say that in my absence perexg has done an excellent job in keeping the project going and has been improving and fixing things left, right and centre. So I suggest you give it a go!

If people do feel particularly aggrieved I will consider creating a special case 3.4 repo that people can use to downgrade, and I believe your configuration should have been backed up during the upgrade process so recovery shouldn't be too traumatic. But eventually you're probably going to want to update to keep up with latest changes, particularly if you integrate with Kodi (where there are many improvements).



Added by Adam Sutton almost 8 years ago

Sorry I really should have thanked dreamcat4 for maintaining an alternative 4.0 apt repository in my absence, without him I'm sure the project would really have struggled!


Added by Mark Clarkstone almost 8 years ago

Just to add here.

I've added back the bintray repository suite to the repo page as it's still quite useful and IMO should still be classed as a second official repository. Those using it should not need to change anything and it should just continue to work. It's always good to have a backup!

But many thanks for getting the old repo back up Adam and of course to dreamcat for creating the bintray repo too.

Having an oldstable (if you will) suite for 3.4 would be a nice idea too!

- I also can't wait to see you committing to the code on github again!

Added by Giovanni Preda almost 8 years ago

Yesterday i updated tvheadend on my raspberry.
It was running perfectly but after the update it doesn't work.
So i "apt-get purge tvheadend" and reinstalled it, but when i try to scan the muxes it doens't work: "scan no data, failed".
Using Realtek RTL2832
Please help me

Added by Adam Sutton almost 8 years ago

Minor update: looks like the "releases" repository is not quite "up to date" problem appears to be some confusion in my scripts caused by having identical builds in both the stable and releases repositories.

For now if you find releases not working, can I suggest temporarily using either the stable repo or the bintray alternative.