The 4.2 version developement is finished!

We successfully finished the 4.2 development pushing over-the-air ATSC EPG code to the main repository. See roadmap.
Added by Jaroslav Kysela about 7 years ago

We successfully finished the 4.2 development pushing over-the-air ATSC EPG code to the main repository.

The main repository is in the alpha release stage now. The new version will be released in few weeks.

Please, test and report all bugs (but check for duplicates).

See roadmap:


Added by Anonymous about 7 years ago


I discovered a problem while building a .deb package for my armhf device:
The Build-Script with --target debian builds a full functional package - but with version 0.0.0. This will be displayed in the webinterface later too.
This will cause problems when i try to update the package.

I can open a new ticket later...

Added by Paolo Zeppegno about 7 years ago

There's a problem in the fedora rpm packaging. I created a ticket for it. I do hope to be able to install tvheadend as a fedora rpm soon. Bug #3252.

Added by jerome thiry about 7 years ago

Quickly, I am eager to test the import of m3u for IPTV

Added by Randy Roach about 7 years ago

Looking forward to the release! I'm one of many (I'm sure) people in America using a Raspberry Pi specifically to run OpenELEC & tvheadend. I use an OTA antenna pulling in 85 ATSC stations, so there are lots of good things to record. ATSC EPG will be a very nice feature to make it easier for tvheadend to grab the right shows. Keep up the good work!

Added by steve parry about 7 years ago

Very excited about this release. Is there a more precise release date yet?

Added by Piotr Kuchciak over 6 years ago

When version 4.2 will be released ?

Added by cy clic over 6 years ago

I understand from this thread that the release 4.2 was finished 9 months ago,
however it appears still not downloadable and there seems to be no packages
e.g. even for the popular unbuntu *.*
Please can anyone advise the arrival of this highly anticipated release...

Added by zofiel elzofio about 6 years ago

any news?

Added by Bapak Ireng about 6 years ago

Well, I am looking for a compiled version (e.g. .deb file) for my armhf device (cubietruck), running jessie 8.5.

Who can help ??

reagards, Ireng

Added by Frank - almost 6 years ago

I am really looking forward to have version 4.2 .. is there any release date of this version??