Tvheadend Licensing - Update

Added by Adam Sutton about 9 years ago


Just a quick update on the previous article. I'm afraid things stalled on the re-licensing effort. There was unfortunately some discord within the developer community which meant that we have not been able to get full buy-in and unfortunately the amount of code that cannot be covered is not insignificant.

However we have decided that we still believe that re-licensing is the best direction for the project and we're going to go ahead with the process, albeit with some minor changes. The main thing is that we will have to deal with the fact that all code cannot be covered.

The manner in which we will do this is on a file by file basis, and as CLAs are received, we will update headers (to include new license copyright etc..) and we will track which files cannot be covered. These will be clearly marked and the LICENSE file will be updated to make this clear. We will attempt to gradually phase this code out of the project but until then there will be some barrier to people fully utilising the new license.

Clearly this is not going to be a trivial effort, and I've already hit the first snag as the tool we were planning to use to track our CLAs is having some technical difficulties (hopefully they're being looked at).

Developers, you will hopefully receive an email shortly regarding signing the CLA. Either once the tool is fixed, or we decide to use an alternative.

Users, you don't need to do anything however be aware that some functionality currently in master may be removed before the next release to comply with the new licensing requirements.

Adam (on behalf of the Team)


Added by Magnus Hedlund over 8 years ago

Any updates on this re-licensing effort? Or any other unrelated news about Tvheadend for that matter?

Heard a rumor that someone is again working on an Android port?