Tvheadend has moved

Added by Adam Sutton about 9 years ago

Hopefully many of you will have already noticed that Tvheadend has moved home. Thanks to a generous Donation from a user, we now have an upgraded hosting capability, and given the recent growth in Tvheadend made the decision to migrate the project to its own domain (

For the most part this should not affect you guys, although some people may still be getting lost at as not everything can be auto-redirected. Should you happen to be over there and see some lost souls wandering around please do point them in the right direction!

The one thing that has changed is we will now be hosting our own apt repository (launchpad was pissing us off! We may even eventually extend to other package systems, but not yet). For more details about using the new repository please see here.

And as part of that we should (still waiting to double check, not many changes since it was setup) now have automated nightly builds to the /unstable repository for those of you that like to live on the edge.

Tvheadend Team