Tvheadend 3.2

Added by Adam Sutton about 10 years ago

We're pleased to announce that Tvheadend 3.2 has now been officially released. This represents the first official/stable release from the new Tvheadend Team.

For details on where to get the latest packages (or source) please visit the Download page. You can also find more information about some of the changes in 3.2 on the Release page.

Please accept that the issue tracker and changelog etc. are not as complete as we'd like. Given the large changes that have happened, both in terms of software and the development team, it has been a struggle to get everything perfectly up to date. Hopefully this will improve going forward.

We'd like to thank all those that have helped during the beta testing. And all our users for being patient, its been a long time coming.

And just to wet the appetites for what should be coming in the next 3.4 release, here are couple of the things we're hoping to be working on:

- DVB adapter/mux management (particularly for multi tuner setups)
- DVR Improvements (more options, etc...)
- Timeshift (yes, it will finally happen, one way or another)

Tvheadend Team


Added by Szymon Życińśki about 10 years ago

How about Quanal Quetzal (12.10) build?

Added by Adam Sutton about 10 years ago

Honestly I was waiting for the official release, and with all the work in sorting out tvh and the fact o no longer is ubuntu as much the announcement completely escaped me. I'll try and upload shortly.


Added by Adam Sutton about 10 years ago

Quantal packages uploaded, expect it to be several hours before launchpad gets around to building them!


Added by Nathan McAullay about 10 years ago

Nice work Adam et al! Really good to see some progress on TVH, and a roadmap! Thanks for everyones hard work!

Added by Szymon Życińśki about 10 years ago

Thanks. Already build binaries on my own. Don't see any problems. How ever road map is impressive. Hope TimeShift will appear in next release.

Added by Stefano Lucchini about 10 years ago

Congratulations to the whole team! there is still hope that comes out in the debian repo? ( or in a .deb file as the previus version?

Added by Kev S about 10 years ago

Just wanted to say thanks for this - installed on my media centre already - managed to even get the upgrade working without the web interface noticing :) - Darn sight more stable too - streaming to Prog DVB, Winamp, VLC, and two XBMCs (Eden and Frodo) at the same time from the one tuner card :)

Added by Adam Sutton about 10 years ago


We only provide debs (at the moment) for Ubuntu, and they are available from my PPA as detailed on Download.

This may change in the future, but for now that's all we provide. It's relatively easy to build a deb though, and some of the Ubuntu builds may work.


Added by Naeem Ahmad over 1 year ago

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Added by Tom Day about 1 year ago