Feature #3113

Updated by Mark Clarkstone over 6 years ago

I currently don't use bouquets (mainly because they include a load of crap no one usually watches) & so have to manually update mapped channels when service changes occur.

It would be nice to have a feature where Tvheadend is able to automatically update the channels when a linked service changes or if that's not possible (I'm thinking it might be difficult) a grid listing changes that may many affect mapped services only.

For example say if I have a channel called BBC 2 mapped & the linked service changes transponder from 11484V to 12054H Tvheadend then adds this new service to a list/grid somewhere in the webui. This would only get added to this list because we've mapped a service with the same name to a channel.

Or quite simply make it easier to view recent service changes.

Hopefully that makes sense (I'm running on 3 hours sleep).