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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Updated Target version
548 Tvheadend Feature New High Automap channel by option 2012-08-09 00:13 Actions
197 Tvheadend Feature Need feedback High Output multicast MPEG TS over UDP with or without SAP announcements 2019-10-25 10:45 Actions
6169 Tvheadend Bug New Normal Bug 3887 (re)appears for me still in 4.3-2024 2022-05-06 12:55 Actions
6165 Tvheadend Bug New Normal Demuxing AAC audio fails when channel config not set in ADTS header 2022-05-01 16:31 Actions
6163 Tvheadend Bug New Normal iptv CRASH (using ffmpeg pipe) 2022-04-27 00:03 Actions
6160 Tvheadend Bug New Normal Recordings for other users not returned by HTSP despite "view all" 2022-04-11 21:34 Actions
6156 Tvheadend Bug New Normal tt s2-3600 dvb-s2 transponders error 2022-04-10 23:43 Actions
6155 Tvheadend Bug New Normal tsfix: The timediff for DVBSUB is big 2022-05-01 06:27 Actions
6151 Tvheadend Feature New Normal [HD]HomerunDisable 2022-03-28 20:34 Actions
6147 Tvheadend Bug New Normal "England" Bouquets not auto-mapping to channels 2022-03-16 21:18 Actions
6144 Tvheadend Feature New Normal Release/pre-releases 2022-04-10 05:26 Actions
6140 Tvheadend Bug New Normal "tvheadend --firstrun --abort" exits without saving the configuration 2022-02-18 13:55 Actions
6137 Tvheadend Bug New Normal Build in WSL2 failing on nasm? 2022-02-12 08:08 Actions
6132 Tvheadend Feature New Normal Play button for programmes being recorded 2022-02-03 21:15 Actions
6131 Tvheadend Bug Need feedback Normal Broken apt bullseye unstable repository 2022-05-19 19:41 Actions
6129 Tvheadend Bug New Normal TvHeadend will not start if Google DNS is not reachable 2022-01-28 05:37 Actions
6128 Tvheadend Feature New Normal Figure out which muxes carry the EPG data? 2022-01-28 04:34 Actions
6125 Tvheadend Feature New Normal Specinv was changed on certain mixes 2022-01-22 11:09 Actions
6119 Tvheadend Bug New Normal Respan/Kill timeout non functional 2022-01-04 19:21 Actions
6117 Tvheadend Bug New Normal PowerVU with missing PVID in PMT 2022-01-06 04:12 Actions
6116 Tvheadend Bug New Normal LNB C Band (bandstack) not tunning properly 2022-01-01 20:55 Actions
6113 Tvheadend Bug New Normal Unable to sort channels by EPG source column 2021-12-30 22:03 Actions
6111 Tvheadend Bug New Normal Deleted timers come right back within a minute or two 2022-01-21 07:30 Actions
6110 Tvheadend Bug New Normal "accurate recording" a channel fed by multiple services with different EITp/f capabilities leads to non-starting or non-ending recordings when switching service while recording 2021-12-17 01:10 Actions
6108 Tvheadend Bug New Normal Starts recording before receiving EPG running flag 2021-12-15 17:32 Actions
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