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Update website!

Added by Vapo Ora Ato 6 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Hi folks

You have a really cool tool. After some fights with your website I was able to run it on my Raspberry. Thanks for that bit of Software.
Until I reached that my mood got down on every click I did on this Website. So, even I'm not a developer, I was strongly motivated to motivate you to do something to do not demotivate other Users.

Some tvheadend websites are ancient PLEASE Update - at least some of them:



Updated by Oliver Schinagl 6 months ago

I'd almost argue to also see if redmine issues can migrate to github as well. And that's comming from me who strongly dislikes github ;)


Updated by Flole Systems 6 months ago

The tagging influences the version number. And as there are no real developers anymore there are no more release versions, latest Tvheadend is the code available on GitHub, that's pretty much it.

Someone is currently taking care of making sure RPMs are built and soon they will be available through our official repository at cloudsmith.


Updated by saen acro 6 months ago

About WIKI part, recommend what to be edited in:


Updated by Sönke Peters about 2 months ago

As someone who is checking back after having a tvheadend installation running for years, but now had to reinstall and figure it out again, I also wished there was some more up-to-date info. Wiki shows for example screenshots from 11years ago with a web interface that has long gone.

I am sure the project would benefit from a move to GitHub with all the stuff (issue tracker, wiki, ...).
There is e.g.

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