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About transport and continuity errors:
Device drivers can sometimes send garbage data at the beginning of a stream, as long as the value doesn't increase at a fast pace and you have no playback issues, there is nothing to worry about.

Is it possible to add an option to disable monitoring transport and continuity errors next to "clear all statistics" in the status page in case the device drivers send garbage at the beginning of a stream?
This way people can decide to show or not to show these errors in case it's not correct.

Thank you.


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Updated by Flole Systems 23 days ago

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There is an option to discard data after tuning in the tuner settings, that is the correct way of addressing the described issue.


Updated by Retro Fan 23 days ago

OK! Can you show this with a picture please? There aren't a lot of options for HDHomeRun available.


Updated by Flole Systems 23 days ago

I don't use HDHomeRun and in that case it's up to the server to dismiss the data as the client doesn't know when the server is tuning to a new channel. What I wrote applies to local tuners.

The HDHomeRun implementation in Tvheadend is flawed anyways, so someone with the hardware should look into this and fix the blocking operations in the main thread for example.

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