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Using Proxy for specific Mux

Added by J-C Lavoie 9 months ago. Updated 3 days ago.

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I'm using Tvheadend in a docker.
All is working really good.
But I have a IPTV that use IP location restrictions and I'm not in this location.

I would like to use my proxy OR ExpressVPN (in a docker too) to reach the IPTV inside the MUX.
But I don't want that my whole TVheadend app be under the VPN because I already have IPTVs set for my current geographical location.

I tried a lot of things found on Internet and nothing seem to work too.

  • I tried
    pipe:///usr/bin/wget --bind-address=VPN_IP URL_IPTV
    and that didn't work
    It's seem that my VPN docker is not reachable. I tested right on my computer and the "--bind-address" not seems to work anyway
  • I tried to use:
    pipe:///usr/bin/wget -O - URL_IPTV
    but that didn't work too
    I see in the log something like:
    spawn: HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
    spawn: Length: 2604 (2.5K) [application/]
    spawn: Saving to: 'STDOUT'
    spawn:      0K ..                                                    100%  468M=0s
    spawn: 2022-07-14 01:45:41 (468 MB/s) - written to stdout [2604/2604]
    iptv: stdin pipe 60 unexpectedly closed: No data
    mpegts: test in Streaming Live - scan no data, failed
    subscription: 0017: "scan" unsubscribing

    Wget seems to receive data but I got no stream, no result.
    And, I'm not sure that wget uses the proxy even if I set "http_proxy=my_proxy_setting" in the "environment (pipe)" field
Info about my system:
  • Tvheadend version 4.3-2027~ge3f4f222e running in docker.
  • ExpressVPN running in a docker
  • Squid proxy server running in the same "service" than my expressVPN
    The proxy server is working really good I tested it on different browser and CLI and that work good.

I'm sure that a solution exist but now I'm lost.
If someone can help me that would be really appreciate!!!

Thank you in advance!



Updated by Njuskalo Njusko 9 months ago

I have Proxmox with 2 LXC containers: one with main tvheadend setup, second with VPN and tvheadend for geoblocked channels.

Simply created new automatic IPTV network on main tvheadend using channel list from the other tvheadend under VPN. Hope this helps.


Updated by J-C Lavoie 9 months ago

Thanks you for your fast reply and your answer!

That work pretty well!!! :)


Updated by J-C Lavoie 9 months ago

For other users this is my setup

First of all I use Docker for my setup.

  • 1 container Tvheadend used as a main TV Service provider
    This container use ports 9981 & 9982 (default)
  • 1 container using my VPN (ExpressVPN in my case, but any other VPN container will work)
  • 1 container Tvheadend with network linked to my VPN container
    This container use ports 9983 & 9984 (but note that ports must be set in the VPN container, but this is a tecnical Docker element)

In my tvheadend_VPN I set all my Streams from the country that geoblock my IP
I tested to be sure that work

Once that worked as I need.

In my main Tvheadend, I created an "Automatic IPTV network"
I used the following URL:


You can use another "profile" based on your needs

And that worked!!! :)

Thanks to Njuskalo Njusko for the help!!!

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