Bug #6134

Crash when deleting finished DVR recordings while recording

Added by dj bloc 12 months ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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github 4.3-1994~gc7b713edb
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Appears to be a type of race condition when deleting recordings from "Finished" tab while TVH is recording multiple recordings at the same time. It doesn't always happen (hence belief it is a race condition) but is reasonably repeatable.

Latest log displaying crash

2022-02-05 20:23:48.864 [   INFO] dvr: delete entry dc1ce08f20f952ea846f018375ada49c "Hollyoaks" on "Channel 4 HD" start time 2022-02-04 18:25:00, scheduled for recording by "", retention "On file removal" removal "Forever"                                                                                                                                                                
2022-02-05 20:23:48.865 [  ALERT] CRASH: Signal: 11 in PRG: /usr/bin/tvheadend (4.3-1994~gc7b713edb) [e6f6a9a32d638e862d39bc64249fca454b71afd8] CWD: /run/s6/services/tvheadend  2022-02-05 20:23:50.853 [   INFO] main: Log started
2022-02-05 20:23:50.859 [   INFO] http: Starting HTTP server                                                                                    
2022-02-05 20:23:50.859 [   INFO] htsp: Starting HTSP server                                                                                    



Updated by dj bloc 11 months ago


Through further testing I can confirm the behaviour is still the same while not recording. It seems to be more repeatable if selecting large selection (> 20) of finished recordings at a time.

I would happy to run a debug build to help identify if someone can help with guidance. Thanks


Updated by Flole Systems 11 months ago

Unless you provide a stacktrace from a build with debug symbols nobody is able to see what's going wrong in your case.


Updated by Flole Systems 10 months ago

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No debug info provided, closed due to inactivity.


Updated by dj bloc 10 months ago

Happy to help try to debug. I'm using Docker for tvh and I had searched for image with debug symbols but wasn't successful in finding one with a recent build.

I'm currently using

Can you point me in the direction of Docker build with debug symbols?


Updated by Flole Systems 10 months ago

Latest master is on GitHub, if you want to package it into a docker container it's up to you to do that. It's not officially supported or recommended to do that, so you're on your own.


Updated by dj bloc 9 months ago

As a workaround I've noted if I select multiple recordings (tested on 400+) on the Finished tab and select "Move to failed" and then delete them from the 'Failed Recordings' tab (again 400+ at once) TVH does not crash

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