Bug #6127

EPG show decription no longer tagged as metadata in mkv recordings

Added by Henrik Söderström 4 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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4.3.0~pre+202201122318-0~built202201130132~gitc7b713edb~ubuntu20.04.1 (first appearance Sep-20-2021)
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TVHeadend no longer seems to include the show description in the recording, as it used to do. The change happened before Sep-20-2021, since until Sep-16-2021 my recordings have metadata with keys "SUMMARY" and "SUMMARY-fin" (shown after "title"), and in Sep-20-2021 recording there are no more "SUMMARY" keys. I can not verify the version number I had until the first appearance of the problem, but now it still persists in my current version (4.3.0~pre+202201122318-0~built202201130132~gitc7b713edb~ubuntu20.04.1).

I have Hauppauge WinTV DualHD -tuners, using DVB-C and EPG is provided OTA with the stream.

I use the metadata to scrape each file to create a .nfo file for Kodi and the EPG provided description (shown as "Extra text" in TVHeadend GUI) would be valuable to preserve.

The GUI and EPG still work as expected and recording functionality seems otherwise intact.



Updated by Henrik Söderström about 1 month ago

After testing out the post-processor command feature, I found out that I can get the show description out using the "Program subtitle or summary" variable %s .

I fixed my issue by creating a text file using echo as post-processor command. Then I can integrate the data with the ffprobe data of the actual recording.

So this issue became an non-issue for me.

Still I'd prefer all the post-processor tags to be integrated in the .mkv file to keep thing simple and packaged ;)


Updated by Flole Systems about 1 month ago

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You're using an unofficial/modified version. Please either contact the maintainer for support or reproduce this on the official, unmodified code. If you still see the behavior then you can do the bisecting and go through the changes to see when it broke.

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