Bug #6110

"accurate recording" a channel fed by multiple services with different EITp/f capabilities leads to non-starting or non-ending recordings when switching service while recording

Added by Rob V almost 2 years ago.

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I like the "Accurate Recording" feature, where recording starts and stop just upon very timely EIT signals. That's why I have enabled the "Use EITp/f" flag for my channels and recording configuration.

ATM I'm about to add "fall back" sources to my channels which are additional lower priority IP-based services. These IP services do not broadcast EITp/f signals.
While "falling back" now works fine as far as I have a live subscription to these channels, I am wondering how to best preserve the "Accurate Recording" feature in this setup?

Currently, if the EITp/f flag is set in my (multi service) channel's definiton, I have these unsatisfiying fallback scenarios in recording situations:

(A) if fallback occurs within recording:
- DVB service is availabe at recording start time
- recording starts upon EITp/f signal
- fallback to IP service happens within recording
- Tvheadend subscribes to new service and continues recording, good!
- the recording never ends b/c subscription will not receive an ending EIT signal, bad!

(B) if fallback occurs prior to recording start:
- DVB service is not available at recording start time
- Tvheadend timely subscribes to the secondary IP service but never starts recording b/c it's not receiving an EIT start signal, bad!

I dislike to disable EITp/f flags completely.
How can I set up the config that on service fallback Tvheadend falls back too to non-EITp/f mode if needed and manages to start and stop recordings either way?

I tried to play with some comparable EIT setting ("ignore EIT") in the respective services configuration, but no success.

I would suggest, that the EITp/f override option should not be at channel level (presently) but rather on service level, and that TVheadend should adjust its recording behaviour when changing the used service within such a channel's recording.

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