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Extend help with information about port forwarding for SAT>IP server function for non-rooted devices

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Hi, as the title says I need help with setting up a port forwarding rule in my Fritzbox in order to reroute port 9983 to 554 so more SAT>IP clients can communicate with Tvheadend SAT>IP server.

Can you extend the help information in Tvheadend how to do this?

As testing setup I'm using VLC as SAT>IP client entering the URL from Tvheadend. Until now VLC cannot open the stream, probably because of port 9983 which has to be 554 for VLC.


I cannot install Tvheadend as root, so I need port forwarding.
This is an example of how it looks like in my Fritzbox. is the device where Tvheadend is installed.



Knipsel.PNG (38.6 KB) Knipsel.PNG Retro Fan, 2021-06-21 10:00



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Waiting for your PR once you figured it out.


Updated by Retro Fan 5 months ago

Examples for other routers as it should be re-routed from port 9983 to 554 are welcome as well.


Updated by Flole Systems 5 months ago

It doesn't matter which Router is used, the forwarding should be the same on every Router. Please don't add specific documentation for a specific router, only general information on what needs to be done.


Updated by Retro Fan 5 months ago

I know and will do, but you can't help?


Updated by Retro Fan 5 months ago

Never mind, as workaround I'm now using a Raspberry Pi as Tvheadend server and now I can use port 554 without problems ;-)


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This topic can be closed.


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