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PCMCIA Data rate command hangs CI CAM

Added by Enigma131 enig 10 days ago. Updated 4 days ago.

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I have wrong command for normal CI CAM ( not CI+ compatible cam)

2021-06-02 08:14:58.073 [ TRACE] en50221: dvbca0-0: pcmcia data rate set to 00
2021-06-02 08:14:58.073 [ TRACE] en50221: dvbca0: write
2021-06-02 08:14:58.073 [ TRACE] en50221: 00 01 A0 0A 01 90 02 00 02 9F 80 24 01 00 ...........$..
2021-06-02 08:14:58.577 [ ERROR] en50221: dvbca0-slot0: communication stalled for more than 500ms

Look at this peace of code:

in src/input/mpegts/en50221/en50221_apps.c :

app->cia_info_version = atag & 0x3f ;  // 0x9F8021 / 0x9F8022 / 0x9F8023 with mask 0x3f gives: 0x21/22/23
CICAM_CALL_APP_CB(app, cisw_appinfo, atag & 0x3f, s, type, manufacturer, code);
if (app->cia_info_version >= 3) /* at least CI+ v1.3 / <------------ *is always true ......
if (CICAM_CALL_APP_CB(app, cisw_pcmcia_data_rate, &rate) >= 0)
return en50221_app_pdu_send((en50221_app_t *)app, CICAM_AOT_PCMCIA_DATA_RATE, &rate, 1, 0);

so I had to modify correct value :

app->cia_info_version = atag & 0x0f ;



Updated by Flole Systems 8 days ago

What about the line right after the one you changed:

CICAM_CALL_APP_CB(app, cisw_appinfo, atag & 0x3f, s, type, manufacturer, code);



Updated by Enigma131 enig 8 days ago

I had modified my line in bold and it works.

The problem is for line:
if (app->cia_info_version >= 3) /* at least CI+ v1.3 /

The condition is always true, because app->cia_info_version is: 0x21/22/23

Your line above is unchanged in case of Ci+ compatible Cams.

Perhaps more complex code can be done, but as is, it isen't working for my Cam.


Updated by Flole Systems 4 days ago

Yes I understand that, but the line I quoted is getting the "wrong" value aswell. I am just wondering: Does it need changing aswell or is it supplying the correct/expected value to the function called?


Updated by Enigma131 enig 4 days ago

Hum good question. I havent Ci+ compatible CAM to test ...

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