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Until bug 555 is fixed could you add an option to record in mpeg2ts directly instead of mkv

Added by Eric Valette about 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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git 5 June.
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The mkv are definitively corrupted (see bug 555) and I have found no tools to corrects them. Until the problem is fixed, recording using knowingly a broken format annoys me very much unless we find a tool or write one to correct the files. FFmpeg enables to creates correct mkv from ts stream dump. Its painfull but at least I can play the result from various hardware decoder.

Or do I need to switch back to vdr? hope not.



Updated by Hein Rigolo almost 11 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

Now that bug #555 is solved, I will close this bug.

There is work already being done on a "record in TS format" version of tvheadend. See github for more information.


Updated by Eric Valette almost 11 years ago

I would prefer to keep this bug open until the ts patch is merged. There are TV USB player that are much better at playing TS than anything else (in fact most STB chipset have much more feature for TS than anything else).


Updated by Hein Rigolo almost 11 years ago

Recording in TS format is a feature request not a bug. Please file a new feature request to ask for recordings in TS format.

In the mean time you can help out by testing the TS recording version to see if there are any other issues. You can find the code on github here:



Updated by Eric Valette almost 11 years ago

So instead of closing the bug change it into a feature request. I'm using the PS recording for a while hapilly. If you read the github pull request comment its rather clear.

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