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Freesat channel numbering

Added by Tony Houghton over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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4.2.8-4 (from Arch Linux AUR)
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Handling of Freesat channel numbering/bouquets seems to have regressed recently. After scanning I have a large number of channels numbered as 0. I think most of them are channels that aren't present in Freesat's SDT, so that's understandable, but there are some that definitely should be mapped, such as 'ITV' and 'ITV HD'. I've attached a screenshot of how these appear in tvheadend's Configuration -> Channels/EPG -> Channels list. FWIW I've enabled just the one bouquet/region, "England HD: South/Meridian S".

ITV has many regional variations but they all have the same name in Freesat, so that's probably confused it. Also, I've written my own scanner, and looked at Freesat's LCN descriptors. Many channels have multiple possible LCNs depending on region etc. Most/all ITV (SD) variants can either be 103 or 111 and some ITV HD variants can also be 1965. I guess this is to allow HD and SD numbers to be swapped depending on whether you select a SD or HD bouquet, but I'm not sure what the 1965 is for.

I've found a good strategy for dealing with this is to iterate over LCNs and find the most appropriate service for each, instead of iterating through channels and trying to find the most appropriate LCN.

If nobody is available to look into this I could probably try to fix it myself, but some hints on which parts of the source I need to look at would be helpful.


tvheadend_itv.png (389 KB) tvheadend_itv.png ITV/ITV HD as seen in tvheadend Tony Houghton, 2020-10-26 16:07
itv_sql.txt (4.25 KB) itv_sql.txt ITV/ITV HD by region as seen by my scanner Tony Houghton, 2020-10-26 16:22



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Updated by Steve P over 2 years ago

Not wanting to make the jump to 4.3 myself at this point, I had the [WARNING] mpegts: too much queued table input data (over 2MB) issue suddenly appear last week on the 4.2.8 release, having run for years with minimal config changes.

I stumbled on a github repo, which seems to have backported some 4.3 fixes and changes into 4.2.

This fixed my issue and also sorted channel numbering issues that had been bugging me in 4.2, the bouquet->merge same name has also been ported in and channel numbering is much better for me using Freeview and FreeSat in the UK.

Worked for me, but obviously is not an official release:

Apologies if this is not appropriate....


Updated by Tony Houghton over 2 years ago

Scanning is broken in 4.3 (see #5954). It's quite hit & miss whether a scan will complete at all. At the moment it's about halfway through a scan of my chosen bouquet. At one point several muxes were showing ACTIVE/NONE at once, but it seems to be doing them one at a time again now. But each completed mux gets a status of "IDLE PEND". What does that mean? And no Freesat LCNs are showing up in the Services list yet, so it looks like all these hours I've been fighting with the UI from hell have been a complete waste of time.


Updated by Steve P over 2 years ago

Do you have Idle scan muxes: on the Freeview Network set?

I see similar weird states if it is enabled.

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