Bug #5937

uncorrected blocks, continuity errors with version 4.3-1896~gce0907705~bionic

Added by Daniel M. about 2 months ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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I use tvheadend since years without problems with digital devices SAT>IP network tuners.

With the last unstable version 4.3-1896~gce0907705~bionic I get many uncorrected blocks, continuity errors and transport errors. Stream hangs for a second (kodi client oder vlc) and uncorrected erros raise for thousands errors and all is ok for some minutes. Then it starts again.

I have this problem exactly since I upgraded to version 4.3-1896~gce0907705~bionic.
I came from version 4.3-1857~g221c29b40~bionic. So I went back to this version and all works like a charm. After upgrading again to version 4.3-1896~gce0907705~bionic the problem is exactly the same now.

How can I help to find the error? There isn't really something in the log - just sometimes a transport error when the uncorrected bits raise extremly in the status tab. But thats what I already see in the status tab.

Whats the difference why versions <=4.3-1857 work without a problem but version 4.3-1896 is unusable for me?



Updated by Flole Systems about 2 months ago

You can help finding the error by going through the versions. i would pick a point between the bad and good version and start from there, if it's an issue pick a point between this and the good version and so on. Basically you're halving the search space every time until you find the commit that introduced it.


Updated by Vahram Mazlumyan about 1 month ago

Hi guys

Please share deb file download link for 4.3-1857 jessie and bionic.



Updated by Flole Systems about 1 month ago

Build instructions are in the Wiki, links to them. Just check out an older revision.


Updated by Tom W 21 days ago

Maybe not everyone knows how to check out a specific version. It's not so easy
because the TVHeadend version numbering is different.

First of all: We need to find the unique identifier for every commit.

A) Short version only with git

1) clone the latest master : 
git clone

Then simply change to the tvheadend dir

cd tvheadend 
2) look into the commit history log:
git log

Now you will see all commits - every commit has a unique identifier

Lets choose e.g. a version which was valid on 1st Dec 2019. The last commit before was

"commit 221c29b40b1e53ae09a69d9458442dd4fea665f5
Author: Flole998 <>
Date: Sat Nov 23 17:11:58 2019 +0100

Fix #5782
3) So we checkout this version unsing the hash.
git checkout 221c29b40b1e53ae09a69d9458442dd4fea665f5
4) now build your specific version
configure && make 
5) stop, install and restart tvh. 
systemctl stop tvheadend.service && make install && systemctl start tvheadend.service

Step 5 may be different if your are not using systemctl to control init procdures.


Updated by saen acro 21 days ago

You can install without stop service it will autorestart


Updated by Tom W 21 days ago

saen acro wrote:

You can install without stop service it will autorestart

Maybe - but systemd is bullshitish in many,many ways - so it is
better to explicitly start and stop it.


Updated by Rudi Schoors 17 days ago

I have the very same problem. However I'm using the linuxserver/tvheadend (latest) docker container which appears to be the same version mentioned, 4.3-1896~gce0907705.
Reading that version 4.3-1857~g221c29b40 did not have this problem I went searching previous versions of linuxserver/tvheadend in the docker hub and found: linuxserver/tvheadend:221c29b4-ls61 to be that exact version.
This version is running rather smooth with sometimes a very short glitch. With version 4.3-1896 the distortion took on average 15 seconds.

My setup is: Synology DS415+ with tvheadend on docker and OSCam, SAT>IP (Telestar digibit twin) and KODI on Android TV (Sony).

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