Bug #5837

get.php being appended to every Mux name for IPTV Automatic Network

Added by Ike Taylor 19 days ago. Updated 15 days ago.

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4.3-1811~ge1fb5c025 and 4.3-1857~g221c29b40
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Every mux created for an IPTV Automatic network adds "get.php - " to the beginning of the mux name. It is pulling this from url of the network for some reason.

Example network URL

Every mux name created looks like this

get.php - BET Low BW
get.php - ABC EAST Local

Why is tvheadend appending the get.php - from the network url to the beginning of every mux name?


mux_names.PNG (46.7 KB) mux_names.PNG Ike Taylor, 2020-01-03 14:22
network_config.PNG (38.4 KB) network_config.PNG Ike Taylor, 2020-01-03 14:22



Updated by saen acro 19 days ago

Tvheadend is not a webbased applicattion to use PHP.

Request is already available

http://user:[email protected]:9981/playlist/auth/channels

Your request can be set as invalid.


Updated by Ike Taylor 18 days ago

I am not sure why you responded with the output url of tvheadend. The issue I am bringing up is when muxes are created from an IPTV Automatic Network.

Refer to the attached images. Network_config.png is the configuration of the IPTV network. The URL is what is used to grab all the channels. Tvheadend is taking the section from the url after the / and before the ? and putting that at the beginning of every mux name. Refer to the mux_names.png file and you will see exactly what I am referring to.


Updated by saen acro 18 days ago

When you map services name is as is.


Updated by Ike Taylor 18 days ago

I am not talking about the service name, that is actually correct. The mux themselves are appending the get.php from the m3u url. Please refer to my post and examples above.


Updated by saen acro 18 days ago

This is internal data not efecting client's.

Rename you request as "Automatic IPTV input Renaming"


Updated by Ike Taylor 15 days ago

the site won't allow me to rename the original issue. I am not sure how I can rename it.


Updated by saen acro 15 days ago

There is simple solution, download playlist locally name it how you want point tvh to local playlist file
Also can cron re-download playlist if needed.

Also available in: Atom PDF