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Full E2 Bouquets?

Added by Chris G over 3 years ago.

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Hello. I asked for help on this a few weeks back and that didn't really go anywhere so I thought I'd make a feature request.

Currently I use E2 bouquet files in TVH. I generate them using E-Channelizer with the Download feature that pulls the data from KingofSat.
The issue I have is that I cant seem to be able to map the full bouquet as its intended to be. Instead I have to map each individual ".tv" file separately. This causes issues...
If a service appears in 5 lists, then it will get mapped 5 times, instead of just being mapped the once and being tagged 5 times. Obviously not ideal.

Is there anything that can be done to support the full E2 format?
Example of a single satellite bouquet I quickly generated using Echannelizer...

If this is possible then it would also be nice to choose how the blacklist and whitelists are handled. For example, Id like to not map any services that appear in the blacklist, even if they appear elsewhere. Some users might want to only allow certain users to have access etc.

At this point I'm just dreaming... But it would be awesome if TVH would show up as an E2 box in the E-channelizer app for direct modification and scanning. Useful for DVB-C and DVB-T users where E-channelizer cant download that data from the web. I think one of the only downsides to TVH is the channel mapping/management part of it. E-Channelizer does such a great job, so just let it handle that part for you :)

Something else I'd like just as a general nice addition to the bouquet mapping section of TVH is the ability to check if the service can be decrypted before mapping. Similarly to how you can check availability when mapping manually.

Hope I explained that well enough.


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