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muxes tab + hide: "parent disabled" seems broken

Added by Luis Alves about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Disable a network, go to muxes tab and make the "Hide=parent disabled" (usually set by default).

The muxes from disabled networks still show up. Shouldn't those be hidden?

Also, what does the "Hide=All" means?



Updated by Joe User about 4 years ago

How do you disable a network?


Updated by Dave Pickles almost 4 years ago

From looking at the source code (api_mpegts_mux_grid() in src/api/api_mpegts.c) the line of code which would hide muxes from disabled networks has been commented out, hence the behaviour which you see. The line was commented out on 22 September 2013.

"Hide=All" hides muxes which are disabled.


Updated by Luis Alves almost 4 years ago

And it looks that the line of code was not commented out (from a previous commit) but it was added already commented out.

I'll try to send a PR to fix this (if noone else does it first).

PS: I've been away from tvh for a while and just noticed that tvheadend development is "stalled", anyone knows why?


Updated by Luis Alves almost 4 years ago

The question made by Joe User completes the story :)

The network enable/disable was only added recently on Jan 14, 2019
(commit 1413e342daecff36ee22d3b75831599bbb66c7be)

I believe it explains why those lines were commented, waiting for the network enable/disable implementation.

But they have been forgoton...


Updated by Pablo R. almost 4 years ago

What about a new PR enabling these lines?


Updated by Petr D. over 3 years ago

Still it's confusing and I think it causes additional problems (parent disabled).
I have docker container tvheadend 4.3 in LibreElec on Rpi4.
I've created network with predefined cz-All muxes.
All muxes scanned, services discovered asexpected. But: some of the services are somehow marked as "parent disabled", but I've not set anything in that way. These services cannot be mapped (it ends with ignored in mapper) and if I add it manually to the channel its not working - "No input source available for subscription "HTTP""
If I do the same with native Tvheadend 4.2 addon from the Libreelec 9.2 distribution channel, there's no problem such that.

How can I remove services' "parent disabled"? No mux is disabled (nothing is disabled at all). Where it is stored?
Btw - it's national public service mux channels (Czech Television), so there's no reason to mark it "parent disabled" whatever it means...



Updated by Luis Alves over 3 years ago

I can't understand your problem description.

What I can explain is that "Parent disabled" (as you call it) doesn't disable any of your services - it just hides them from the UI if it's parent is disabled.
And if they the parent is disabled, then the reason should be either:
1) Mux of that service is disabled.
2) The network of that service mux is disabled.


Updated by Petr D. over 3 years ago

I understand, that "parent disabled" just hide it from list. But I don't see what is parent disabled (what services, muxes?) and why? I didn't disabled it. So why some of the services are hiding from list on "hide: parent disabled" and how can I do it "parent enabled"? Again: I didn't disabled no service/mux in any way... so, why it is handled as "parent disabled"


Updated by Petr D. over 3 years ago

If I can add: I think, that it is wrong evaluation of what service is disabled (e.g. because of disabled mux). It affects also the automatic mapper, which ignores disabled or "parent disabled" (= their mux is disabled?) services.


Updated by Luis Alves over 3 years ago

At some point in time the functionality to enable/disable networks was added, so a service parent is not just it's mux, if the network is disabled it will also make the service to be disabled:
service parent = mux & mux parent (network)

Anyway, your problem is completely unrelated the issue opened here - this issue and associated PR only hides services that have the network disabled.
If you found a bug with services that are disabled for no reason, you should open a new Issue.


Updated by Petr D. over 3 years ago

Ok, thanks, I'll open new issue.
I thought that re-enabling this functionality may be somehow related (e.g. - that's the reason why it was disabled/commented out at some point...)

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