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Continuity errors

Added by Martin Klayer almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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I am trying to run Tvheadend under Windows Pro in a Debian subsystem.
I am aware that this may be an usual setup but I have my reasons for this.

Installation is working flawlessly and I am also able to create tv- recordings and operate the webui.
(Although I am not able to change the user interface language)

Unfortunately when recording after a while I am getting continuity errors which - in some case - result in a failed recording.

Any idea. Attached the log file. I stopped when the errors start appearing.

regards Martin


tvheadend.log (20.4 KB) tvheadend.log log file Martin Klayer, 2019-08-22 17:54



Updated by Flole Systems almost 3 years ago

You need to figure out first where the issue appears, SAT-IP server, network or client. Use Wireshark or tcpdump for that.


Updated by Martin Klayer almost 3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback.
But this level of sophistication is beyond my abilities. Sure I can install those tools but then for what should i look for?
I can allthough exclude the sat-ip Server because in a different setup it is working flawlessly.


Updated by Flole Systems almost 3 years ago

You need to look for continuity errors in the stream, in Wireshark you have a RTP analyzer that will do it for you (to make things easy start the capture before starting the stream, then it will properly detect the stream and you don't have to manually find it).


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 2 years ago

If the 'uncorrected errors' counter in the streaming status tab is being increased, it's mostly UDP/RTP packet loss. You need to tune your linux/windows settings to deliver all UDP packets to the tvheadend.


Updated by Martin Klayer over 2 years ago

it seems that the version 4.2.7 is not affected.
Could you please provide instruction to install an old version.


Updated by Martin Klayer over 2 years ago

I am experiencing issues both on Armbian and on Windows.
A raspberry 3 and a synology (DS218+) it is working flawlessly using the same tuner and same network.
I have given up on windows (nextpvr is also not working).

Could you provide some help/hints on Linux (Armbian) on "how to tune linux setting to deliver all UDP packets to the tvheadend"


Updated by Flole Systems over 2 years ago

You should first of all make sure if they ever reach the host using Wireshark/tcpdump, then you can check if they are dropped by the OS. If your hardware is never seeing them it's pointless to tune any settings.


Updated by Martin Klayer over 2 years ago

Fiddling around with Wireshark/tcpdump is not what I want. Maybe I will time to try this in the distant future when I have nothing better to do.
Meanwhile I unfortunately have to accept the status quo.

Maybe someone in the forum will support me downgrading tvheadend to version 4.2.7 which seems to work even on a much slower machine.


Updated by Flole Systems almost 2 years ago

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