Bug #5674

Deb packaging: config paths

Added by Mark Clarkstone over 4 years ago.

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There appears to be an "issue" with where Tvheadend stores its data on Debian which could lead to problems later on down the line.. I noticed this after I did an apt install tvheadend (on the Raspberry Pi).

The debian-multimedia1 folks have modified the tvheadend.postinst script to setup the hts home directory as /var/lib/hts rather than what we've got [/home/hts], which kind of does make a lot of sense as it is the proper place to store the config data.

I sadly can see some problems..

  • Possibly running out of space as some have /var on a smaller partition. Configs can get quite large over time, and the home directory is the default place to store recordings. :o
  • People losing the config after an upgrade from the dmo packages to the one provided by - I've actually been caught by this and had e-mails about missing configs thanks to the differences in directories! Sadly the tvh devs get the flack for this.

So, what do we do?

I propose the following:-

  • Make it clear that those who are using dmo packages must get support from dmo, especially for missing configs/space issues.
  • Detect the [/var/lib] path in .postinst and use that as the home directory instead. Maybe a warning should be added to inform the user about possible space issues in this case?

1 Where the Pi foundation have sourced armhf packages of tvheadend 4.2.8, however the modifications appear to be on all builds. I never did ask why the RPIF chose those packages.

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