Bug #566

Recording does not start

Added by Bas van Rijn about 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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I am running Opensuse 11.4.
I downloaded the project from github, followed the readme for configure, make and install. (andoma-tvheadend-ca68ed4).
Then I start tvheadend as root, with "build.Linux/tvheadend -C".
When I open the interface (and I am impressed with the user friendliness of the interface) all seems to work fine.
EPG, configuring TV adapters, channels, etc.
I then schedule a task (Name, channel, date, start time, end time) I cannot select a DVR (stays on default)
When the start time has started the schedule does not start.
When I cancel the recording, the status changes to "No Input found".
I could not find anything suspicious under ~.hts/tvheadend



Updated by Bas van Rijn about 11 years ago

Additional information:
DVB card is a Hauppauge Nova-T-500, registered as usbcore:dvb_usb_dib0700.
The card works well with VLC, Kaffeine, etc.
TVheadend recognises the card, all streams are detected and registered.

What could be the reason for the recording not to start?


Updated by Andreas Smas about 11 years ago

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Do the mapping of services work ok?


Updated by Bas van Rijn about 11 years ago

Yes now they do. What I did, was I removed the folder and subfolders in /.hts and started all over with the configuration. Now the configuration started normal. I am able to schedule a recording and the recording starts OK.
Another question. When I look at the recording, there sometimes are distortions in the video.
A recording directlymade with VLC looks perfect. How do I know that for instance VDPAU works?


Updated by Andreas Smas about 11 years ago

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Please don't use the same bug for different questions.

Tvheadend does not use VDPAU so i don't see how that could affect the issue

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