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pids_max and pids_len on Tvheadend - SAT-IP client

Added by Ricardo Rocha about 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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HTS Tvheadend 4.3-1789~g6bfeca6c0
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@Jaroslav or anyother person who know the code...

what does pids_max and pids_len on satip client code? if tvheadend reaches any of the values does it open another tuner or does it send instead pids=all?

i am making this question cause i am testing tvheadend against minisatip running on enigma2 stb and it doesn't support pids=all.

thanks for any incoming infos



Updated by Ricardo Rocha about 4 years ago

from the tests i could make last night it seens that if the limit pids_max is reached tvheadend change from pid000, pid001, pid...,pid031 to pids=all (8192), is this correct?

like i explain my problem is that minisatip running on enigma2 is somehow limited to 42 pids on 43 it crash (already reported do developer).

So if i set limit to 42 pids and disable fullmux_ok i expect tvheadend to request only the number of channels that permit it to not exceed the number od pids set, and to open another tuner with same frequency to pull the remaining channels that didn't fit on previous request. That behaviour doesn't seen to happen if i have fullmux_ok disabled and limiting pids, and asking channels that exceed that limit, it tunes only one frequency and leave behing random pids that doesn't fit.


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 4 years ago

TVH expects that the full mux can be handled at the input. You may only split channels through different networks (a hack) which will be assigned to different inputs. There's already a bug to split the requests to multiple inputs, but this functionality has not been implemented yet.


Updated by Flole Systems about 3 years ago

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