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TVHeadend Plugin on raspberry pi (2 or 3) with Kodi 18 and hardware acceleration omxplayer

Added by Der Aills almost 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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TVHeadend plugin
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for both OSMC and libreelec with Kodi 18 and tvheadend plugin 4.4.17 or 4.4.16, if omxplayer hardware acceleration is turned on, the first seconds of a live tv are stuttering.
If you want to switch channels it works exactly once. Further attemps to switch the channel (up or down) do nothing.
For the first switch, the time shown at the footer (instead e.g. 30:00 of 90:00, known by EPG) is for maybe a second "00:00", then "-00:06".

If omx player hardware acc. is turned off, everything (zapping up and down) works fine.

This did not happen with kodi 17.6.

one can reproduce this very easily:
setup a new librelec 9.0.1 with kodi 18 on a rpi3 and just install and configure tvheadend (for me: tvheadend server on debian with sat>ip with AVM Fritzbox 6490 sat>ip Server).
play a station and switch up or down - working. No stuttering at the beginning.
Turn on omx player hardware acceleration - described issues appear.

If this is not the place to report, can one advise where to report?

Log on debug attached. at 2019-04-23 21:58:20.915 T:1906307808 the switch of the channel started with the strange time displayed (00:00, -00:06).


kodi.log (1.85 MB) kodi.log Der Aills, 2019-04-23 20:45



Updated by Hanspeter Müller almost 4 years ago

Thank you so much, finally someone who can confirm this. I've reported this month ago, long before the kodi18 final, but noone seems to be able to reproduce it:

it is most certanly a problem with OMX player for kodi18, it does not happen on any other platform (windows, AML or ubuntu), but also happens with every other pvr that i've tested, so it is not a tvheadend issue!

Please, comment on my bug in the kodi-bugtracker, maybe someone can fix this if enough people complain, but as OMX sadly is considered EOL in Kodi 19, it's possible that we have to live with this :-(. MMAL is a possible workaround, but even on the newest RPi3+ overclocked to 1500/500Mhz, MMAL is not even a close match to OMX on a default Raspberry 1 from 2012...


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