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User - DVR profile

Added by Robin A. Jensen over 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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I've found in TVHeadend version: 4.3-1789~g6bfeca6-dirty
that DVR profle settings for user profile is not respectet.
I had createt a new DVR profile, so the default profile was original.
When i did create a user i pointed the new DVR profile to user.
New DVR profile: Storage path: /mnt/tv-rec/
But when testing, the user is still using default DVR profile.
That also explains why Kodi could't see recordings as they are stored in /home/hts and not where new DVR profile pointed to: /mnt/tv-rec/
The recording was startet by Kodi and full filled, but storage was in /home/hts
Also, after change in default profile to /mnt/tv-rec, Kodi and web UI report the size of /mnt/tv-rec.
So when Kodi is looking for recordings it look in the right place: /mnt/tv-rec. But when recording is stored it is in: /home/hts.



Updated by Johannes Ebner over 4 years ago


I have the same issue with 4.3-1789~g6bfeca6c0



Updated by Győző Nagy over 4 years ago

I have the same issue too. Build: 4.3-1789~g6bfeca6c0-dirty with Kodi Tvheadend HTSP Client 4.4.14

On the user tab the Video recording field is set to my custom profile, however the recording is using the default profile when I pushed the record button on Kodi.



Updated by Michael Rossol over 4 years ago

Same here with tvheadend version Build: 4.3-1776~g717030b (2019-03-02T20:27:56+0000)

It seems that always the default path is used, even if an DVR profile with different (sub) path is pointed to the user profile.
In the log no error messages are visible during start of recording.

If I change the path of the default profile, the new path will be used correctly.


Updated by Rene Wagler almost 3 years ago

please fix it, bug is still happen


Updated by Flole Systems almost 3 years ago

If you want it fixed you should start working on it.


Updated by Rene Wagler almost 3 years ago

omg no its not my task, i dont work on tvh


Updated by Flole Systems almost 3 years ago

Then you shouldn't complain that it's not working. Tvheadend is open source software, so if there's an issue you are experiencing the source code is available for you to fix it. If you don't fix it and don't care about your own issue, why should someone else do it?


Updated by Rene Wagler almost 3 years ago

TVH WILL die if nobody cares about it. what a shame. i will switch to another dvb software


Updated by Flole Systems almost 3 years ago

Exactly, so if you don't want it to die you should care about it.

However, it sounds like a commercial software with a support contract would fit your needs better, so that's probably the way to go.

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