Bug #5572

Neither UK-Freesat Bouquets NOR 7 day epg appear to be working

Added by cy clic 12 days ago. Updated 2 days ago.

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4.3-1781~g811fd889e and 4.2.8-17~gd64d8c8 last 8 - 10 weeks or so
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Neither UK-Freesat Bouquets NOR 7 day epg appear to have been working
for all pi builds for around 8 to 12 weeks.
Unless there is some new trick to trigger them that I do not know?
Freesat home server epg pid not seen.

Both test show same problem on :
Linux h1 4.4.0-1103-raspi2 #111-Ubuntu (xenial)
with tvheadend/xenial,now 4.2.8-17~gd64d8c8~xenial armhf

Linux h0 4.15.0-1031-raspi2 #33-Ubuntu (bionic)
with tvheadend/bionic,now 4.3-1781~g811fd889e~bionic arm64

Testing setup using forced play with scheduled-mux on 11425H
(similar results with other 2 Freesat home transponders...)
Method using various epg enabled on epg-grabber-modules tab

4.3-1781 (Main test config for problem)
Freesat: Status-Pids 0,1,16,17
Freesat (EIT): Status->Pids 0,1,16,17
EIT EPG Grabber: Status->Pids 0,1,16,17 and sometimes ,18
All 3 enabled: Status->Pids 0,1,16,17 and sometimes ,18
Bandwith (kb/s) now always only 200~300 since problem started.
(Note: Previously bandwidth was 10x plus this before problem
- so fast epg not beimg accessed now)
(latest -1781 thankfully does not clog bouquet list with unwanted sky!)

Same problem
No Status-Pids column + No Log Pid listed
However bandwidth column behaves in a similar manner

So, I do not see any Freesat "non-standard" home server pid requested??


#1 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela 11 days ago

Check the MUX (EPG Scan, EPG module id) and EPG grabber module settings (both must have Freesat EPG grabber enabled).

#2 Updated by Deep Thought 11 days ago

In case of doubt: the correct mux is 11425H. If you scan this transponder, an encrypted
channel trp1 will appear. Tuning to that one is a reliable way to start uk freesat epggrab
(if it works).

In the epg grabber modules, there are two modules: "UK Freesat" and "UK freesat EIT".
I have enabled them both, not knowing what is the difference.
If I remember correctly, it is also important that scraper configuration is set to default (not
"uk"). Also epg grabber timeout should be set to a sufficiently low value (120 works reasonably well) otherwise it may take ages before the Uk freesat grabber is even started.

This is from memory: I may be wrong about a few details (with these values it should
work, but perhaps it also works with others)

It took a lot of trials for me to make it work. It is all quite confusing.

#3 Updated by g siviero 11 days ago

I cannot receive 11425H (I'm out of the beam footprint for this transponder), but it seems that I can get 7 day EPG data for many of the channels that I receive from the frequency 11778V. I don't know if this transponder contains data also for the channels you are looking for.

#4 Updated by Mark Clarkstone 10 days ago

g siviero wrote:

I cannot receive 11425H (I'm out of the beam footprint for this transponder), but it seems that I can get 7 day EPG data for many of the channels that I receive from the frequency 11778V. I don't know if this transponder contains data also for the channels you are looking for.

That is the Sky home transponder, it contains the OpenTV data, it can be used for Freesat channels.

#5 Updated by cy clic 10 days ago

Firstly I should add that I use multiple satip tuners for receiving UK-Freesat.

Thank you both for your help.
I also have only got it to work over the years by trying all sorts of combinations.
One could say tried "randomly" because I also have little or
no information as to the "correct" process.

However historically I have eventually (sometimes after days) been successful.
I understand the 3 home transponders to currently be 11425H, 11426V & 11426.5V
and that they transmit the same channels/bouquets/epgs
cursory inspection seems to confirm this. They all have the same 6 services which all play.
I do not see a "trp1" service.

I do not not know the current bouquet/epg pid number but am expecting ~3xxx ?

Config->Muxes->EPGScan offers:
Disable/Enable (auto)/Force (auto)/Manual selection/Auto-Detected
UK:Freesat/UK:Freeview/EIT:EPGGrabber/...+All the other bouquets
Config->Channel/EPG->EPG Grabber Modules offers:
Over the air:EIT EPG Grabber/Over the air:UK:Freesat/Over the air:UK:Freesat(EIT)/... +et al
I have spent days and day try any plausible combination and many implausible combinations and failed.

The one thing I note that may relevant is that there is never a Freesat epg pid ~3xxx requested.
It is understanding that this is a must for the bulk (fast) epg download.
My suggestion that the bouquet/7day-epg is no longer working is
based on no pid requested and that all reasonable combinations of settings have failed.

Putting on my "User Head" ( a la Worsel Gummidge :-) )
I would suggest that simply enabling a "UK-Freesat module" in the tabs, alone
should be all that is required for everything to be appropriately configured and all of Freesat to burst into life.
That UK Freesat module would strictly only need a single option i.e. postcode of desired viewing seat.
Of course, there is no need to remove all the other stuff for those who wish to tinker.
But tinkering should not be needed for normal usage.

I have read somewhere that Jaroslav has said he does not have signal
from the UK beam transponders that UK-Freesat typically uses especially for the home transponders
Perhaps someone might be able to offer ad-hoc access to satip tuners
when required for all this to be looked at?
I would willing offer my own but regrettable I am not endowed with fibre and
my ADSL up-link is worse that derisory.

#6 Updated by Jaroslav Kysela 10 days ago

I debugged freesat last week (I had remote SAT>IP server access) and the only weak point is that you need to tune to 11425H for a while to read bouquets correctly. Then everything was ok, just enable both Freesat EPG grab modules and map the one from the detected bouquet or freesat services to trigger the EPG grab.

The MUX EPG grabber settings should change from auto to auto-detected and EPG grabber module to UK Freeview (without EIT which is the dependent grabber used automatically). That's all. I have not tried other transponders and I agree that the things should be improved (TVH should wait more to get the bouquets and other transponders should be checked, too).

An UK SAT>IP server for the debugging would be helpful, but I don't know when I'll have a time for more debugging (the real work really buries me now).

#7 Updated by Oli Jeal 9 days ago

I'm unable to get any OTA bouquets after a fresh install. Could this be down to commit a3c5e75? I'm not familiar with the code but are Priv and Map always assigned or could Map sometimes be null? If the later then should it be an AND instead of an OR?

#8 Updated by Flole Systems 9 days ago

If you don't have that check and it's null you'll experience a crash. You could try to revert to before that commit was made to make sure it's not causing the issues.

#9 Updated by Oli Jeal 8 days ago

I've reverted and rebuilt and all my bouquets were found straight away so I think the problem must be there.

#10 Updated by Oli Jeal 2 days ago

Can this change be updated? I'm hesitant to ask for it to be reverted as it was meant to be fixing another problem. The code in question is
761 if (TAILQ_SAFE_ENTRY(fs, region_link))
762 continue;

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