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Autorec should have option to select on season number between min and max, OR when season value is missing

Added by Rob vh over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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The Mininum season and Maximum season selection introduced by works great, except when there is a special episode such as the Christmas Special where the broadcaster left the episode empty.
Also, EPG sometimes fails to fill in the episode number and in such cases I would prefer to record an unwanted episode that I can manually discard, rather than missing the recording.

As such, it would be great to add an option in the Autorec edit page that select transmissions when episode information is missing, which is only useful of course, when Minimum or Maximum values for Season have been specified.

Having columns for Min/Max Season and Year in the Autorecs table display would be great too.



Updated by Em Smith over 4 years ago

Christmas Specials are often problematic, for example tvdb frequently gives them Season 0 and some incrementing episode number that does not correspond to broadcaster's details.

I don't quite understand the Christmas Special case. Did they leave season empty as well as the episode? So the programme came through as no season/episode but you have an autorec of "season>5"?

When you say "EPG fails to fill in the episode number", do you mean not season and not episode number. (Because my OTA sometimes has season but no episode).

Looking at the code, it could be easy to change the test from "if minseason then check programme's season number" to "if minseason and programme has non-zero season number then check programme's season number". Same for the year check. I think that will do what you want?


Updated by Rob vh over 4 years ago

Sorry for the latish response. With several of the shows, such as Food Unwrapped on Channel 4, the Title contains Food Unwrapped as normally, the season and episode values are missing. With my (new) rule of Minseason=15, these Specials did not record. Your proposal would work great.
I also see OTA on occasion missing both season and episode. But again, your proposal would work well to include these oddball recordings.


Updated by Em Smith over 4 years ago

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