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Streaming error with multiple subscriptions per strem

Added by Michael Petri almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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If I have more than one subscription per stream there are a lot of streaming errors for that stream. All other streams (running at the same time) are working fine without errors. Only the stream with multiple subscriptions is affected (please see also attached screen shot).

Is there a possibility to limit the maximum number of subscriptions per stream? I have 8 input devices therefore this limitation won't be a problem for me.

My tvheadend version: 4.2.7-38


Screenshot.png (28.6 KB) Screenshot.png Screenshot Michael Petri, 2018-12-23 07:21



Updated by Michael Petri almost 5 years ago

sorry, I just wantet to create a forum posting and not a bug ticket - but I can't delete this ticket ...


Updated by kodiaq kodiaq almost 5 years ago

+1 - I've seen the same behaviour with IPTV input and multiple subscriptions. On top of that if HTTP subscription is running first and than other HTSP subscription starts, that particular channel restarts itself. I have to also say, that I do not observe this everytime rather intermittenly and did not find any pattern yet.


Updated by Kai Großhaus over 3 years ago

+1 I have the same problem. I get lots of continuity errors if there is more than one subscription to the input stream.Have reproduced with stable release and a fresh build from git. Limiting the subscription to one per tuner (as option) would be the solution.


Updated by Nikolay Kichukov almost 3 years ago


I have the same experience with IPTV stream, where the first subscriber plays fine, but the second has buffering issues, so a continuous cut of the playback of the second subscriber only.
In my use case, I am using ffmpeg for the mux and an audio profile(online radio) on the clients.

tvheadend version is 4.2.8-r1 on GNU/Gentoo Linux.

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