Bug #5369

EPG guide transfer to kodi client with force tvheadend restart only

Added by th0ma7 ^ over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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My EPG guide is working like a charm, e.g. tvheadend has all the info fully populated from within the web admin page as I would normally expect.

Problem is, when I access tvheadend using Kodi it fails to download the TV guide.

If, while keeping a kodi client running on the side, I invoke a restart of tvheadned service (e.g. : sudo systemctl restart tvheadend) the guide shows up automagically within a second on my already running Kodi right after the service restart (thus kodi client having automatically reconnected).



Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 2 years ago

It's probably dup of #5366 .


Updated by th0ma7 ^ over 2 years ago

You probably know better but from what I read I'm not sure it's related.
Note that the EPG was working just fine on tvheadend 4.2 + kodi.
It stopped working with 4.3 but as I worte earlier, it does end-up working once immediately after a restart of tvheadend... but only once (e.g. when ever I reconnect another kodi client it won't be getting the EPG anymore).


Updated by th0ma7 ^ over 2 years ago

Re-reading the #5366 it refers to UK while I'm actually using Canada EPG for channels detected using ATSC-T hauppauge USB tuner. Here is my EPG source info:

The channel guide source is:

I'm using from
To download you can use the following:

$ curl -o

Manually executing with (usually runs through cron):

$ sudo su - hts -c './ -U -u <user> -p <passwd> -d 7 -o ~/.xmltv/tv_grab_file.xmltv -l fr -I -i ~/.xmltv'

Using this EPG grabber:

$ sudo wget -P /usr/local/bin

End-result is neat & clean on the EPG web admin page.

Also available in: Atom PDF