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EPG: URL element for programm entries

Added by Anonymous almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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The XMLTV format supports URL elements for channel and program records.

<!-- A URL where you can find out more about the element that contains
it (programme or channel).  This might be the official site, or a fan
page, whatever you like really.

If multiple url elements are given, the most authoritative or official
(which might conflict...) sites should be listed first.


My XMLTV data provides URLs.

<programme start="20181020144500 +0200" stop="20181020151000 +0200" channel="MyChannel1">
    <title lang="de">New Girl</title>
    <sub-title lang="de">Cece gegen Nick</sub-title>
    <desc lang="de">Jess wurde für ...</desc>
        <director>Trent O'Donnell</director>
        <actor role="Aly Nelson">Nasim Pedrad</actor>
    <category lang="en">series</category>
    <category lang="en">Comedy</category>
    <episode-num system="xmltv_ns">4 . 2 .</episode-num>
    <episode-num system="onscreen">Episode 3 season 5</episode-num>
    <episode-num system="">series/248682</episode-num>

As you can see, this programme record has a url element (, but I can't find this URL in Tvheadend (web ui, window "Broadcast Details" from the tab "Electronic Program Guide"). [Even if this is a URL for it has nothing to do with the button for searching in TheTVDB at the status bar of the window and the URL could be link to anything else.]
Also in Kodi (v17.6, Default skin Estuary) I can't find this URL.

I'd like to have the URL in the "Broadcast Details" window in Tvheadend (and later also in Kodi).

To me it looks like that the url element will not been taken from the XMLTV file to the EPG database of Tvheadend.
I'm using the EPG grabber module "Internal: XMLTV: Sweden (TVZon)".
I'm not sure, if the URL gets lost by the grabber module.
I also don't know if Tvheadend supports such URLs, preferred in a specific field. I looked into the source code (e.g. epg.h) but I didn't find anything for a URL (but my knowledge for C is quite weak).


EGP_no_URL_mod.png (22.1 KB) EGP_no_URL_mod.png Broadcast Details Anonymous, 2018-10-20 04:42



Updated by Em Smith almost 3 years ago

We don't yet parse this tag.

Do you get any useful URL for movies? My provider unfortunately provides numerous out-of-date URLs (from when it was popular to register a domain name per film), or generic URLs (such as, which makes the field actually less useful than a search for me, which is partly why I never implemented it. But, in the dev version of Tvheadend we now have a drop-down list of search providers (imdb, etc.), so the URL could be added there.

I don't think the change would make it in to Kodi 18 (too near to a major release), but perhaps in the future it could do something with "episode-num thetvdb".


Updated by Anonymous almost 3 years ago

Em Smith wrote:

Do you get any useful URL for movies?

Honestly I don't know it. I only used this as an example.
My final goal is something different: My IPTV provider has a JSON API for EPG, which is not easy to integrate in Tvheadend/Kodi. It's a two-stage API where you get an EPG overview with one call (a list per channel with title, start/stop time and event ID) and with a second call you can get details (e.g. description, picture, etc.) for a specific event ID. I plan to integrate this second API call to my EPG data and so I always have the link to the details of a program record.

Em Smith wrote:

I don't think the change would make it in to Kodi 18 (too near to a major release), but perhaps in the future it could do something with "episode-num thetvdb".

Of course, it's much too late for Kodi 18. Currently I don't know if Kodi supports such URLs but this is the second step.

Generally Tvheadend seems to use less EPG data than provided (e.g. by XMLTV). I'd prefer to have as much data as possible. For me it's not a problem of memory but maybe this can be optional, such as basic EPG data always and advanced/full EPG data optionally.

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