Bug #5233

DVR scheduling bug: cannot record all instances of a programme

Added by John Blumpy about 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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I am trying to record all instances of programmes called "Match of the Day" on a single channel "BBC One HD". I have included a screenshot of my Autorec configuration - as you can see, it's set to record on all days and "Duplicate handling" is set to "Record all". However, it is not recording all instances, as shown in my screenshot of the EPG (notice no timer symbol on the left for the second broadcast). A screenshot of my DVR profile is also provided.

Interestingly, if I change the recording schedule to ONLY record on Sundays, it will then record the Sunday broadcasts, but not the Saturday one. If I make TWO schedules, one for Saturdays only and one for Sundays only, it will still only record one of the two broadcasts. I cannot find a combination of settings that'll record both the Saturday and Sunday broadcasts (except manually recording them each week).

This feels like a bug in the handling of duplicates, or it could be related to the fact that the Saturday broadcast always ends early on Sunday morning (thus spanning two days) - maybe this confuses the scheduler?


Autorec Config.png (56.8 KB) Autorec Config.png Autorec configuration John Blumpy, 2018-10-01 11:01
DVR Profile.png (64.3 KB) DVR Profile.png DVR profile John Blumpy, 2018-10-01 11:01
EPG Recordings.png (26 KB) EPG Recordings.png EPG recordings John Blumpy, 2018-10-01 11:01
DVR Upcoming Recordings.png (80.3 KB) DVR Upcoming Recordings.png John Blumpy, 2018-10-01 15:39
recordings-not-working.7z (6.87 MB) recordings-not-working.7z John Blumpy, 2019-10-23 18:40



Updated by Jaroslav Kysela about 4 years ago

What's in the DVR / Upcoming tab ?


Updated by John Blumpy about 4 years ago

Jaroslav Kysela wrote:

What's in the DVR / Upcoming tab ?

See attached. The Sunday morning broadcast is not scheduled and does not get recorded.


Updated by John Blumpy about 4 years ago

Has anyone been able to reproduce this? Anyone in the UK should be able to see exactly what I see with the same search parameters.


Updated by John Blumpy about 3 years ago

It's pretty incredible that this bug still exists over a year later, given the seriousness of it (a PVR application that doesn't record what it's told to). I have another autorec that simply isn't working:

Title: "The Great British Bake Off"
Channel: "Channel 4 HD"

All other options are default, duplicate handling is set to "record all". Both weekly broadcasts are listed in my "Upcoming/Current Recordings" list, yet, for some reason, the first broadcast of each episode (Tuesday nights) is never recorded. The wife is rather annoyed that we have to wait until the repeat broadcast on Sunday afternoons before we can watch each week's episode. I have 230 MB of logs here (zipped obviously), can someone please have a look at why this is happening?

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