Feature #5148

Add the ability to enter a web url to pull in the xml guide data - like Plex, Emby and DVBLink does, or add a built in webget so you just key in the url location (like others)

Added by Vaise Williams about 4 years ago.

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Coming from emby, plex and DVBLink, they have none of the xml grabber stuff.
I found this massively confusing, specially as my grabber was not in the TVHeadend docker I was using for unraid - forcing me to use the FTA guide data.
It would be great if I could just enter a URL to get the guide data, Mine is provided by IceTV.
For example, on Plex, Emby and DVBLogic, I just enter a url provided by IceTV and the guide is automatically there, the PVR software then updates that daily.

All I have to do to get the URL for plex/emby/DVBLink is go to and login with my details.

This is an example of the plex url (api key and token changed to XXXXXXXXX) :

This is an example of the emby and DVBLogic url (also provided by IceTV) :[email protected]&token=xxxxxxxxxx

MediaPortal also uses a similar method as I believe they have a built in 'webget' process - so if tvheadend has the same built in webget process where you can just fill in the below, then that would also be good :

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