Bug #5115

Shared EMM's are not sent to Oscam after commit 25dfdb64f3005a47823db320a77a4bf964ceb3b1

Added by William Peters over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Since commit 25dfdb64f3005a47823db320a77a4bf964ceb3b1 I only receive global EMMs, it seems that Unique and Shared EMMs are filtered by tvheadend. See issue #5048, if I revert the commit my problems are solved.

I've changed a few things to the source to find out what causes the problem, it looks like the "match" routine causes my problem. In my patch you can see my efforts of finding the issue I've added a few tvhtrace's and as a last test I changed "if (match)" to "if (match==0)" to make sure all EMMs were send to oscam and now the shared and unique EMMs are sent to oscam and the subscriptions on my card are updated. I'm not yet familiar enough in tvheadend to propose a fix or patch that works for me and issue #5048 :(

My situation:
Tuners: HDHomeRun 4DC
TVH: 4.3-1252~g595fd17-dirty
Network: DVB-C Ziggo (Irdeto)
CWC: Oscam via newcamd (with local smartcard)
Location: Netherlands


debug_emm2.patch.txt (1.25 KB) debug_emm2.patch.txt added a few tvhtrace's William Peters, 2018-05-18 09:30
tvhlog2.gz (41.4 MB) tvhlog2.gz tvheadend syslog (debug and trace enabled) William Peters, 2018-05-18 09:31
shared emm.png (28.4 KB) shared emm.png see Pablo R., 2019-06-20 10:28



Updated by William Peters over 5 years ago

saen acro wrote:

Post path in github

This patch should not be commited to mainstream, it's for troubleshooting only (to understand some extra lines in my logfile).


Updated by Davor Komljenovic over 4 years ago

I see it has been a year since this issue has been opened. I wanted to add that this problem is somewhat important for anybody using Oscam via newcamd and Irdeto card with Tvheadend. I had the same problem with same provider in Netherlands. I had to reverse the commit and then build Tvheadend, otherwise my smartcard was not updating and all of the entitlements expired. I am assuming anybody using Ziggo with Oscam and Tvheadend since the commit will have this problem and will not be able to update their card.

I just wanted to reply to this issue to raise the awareness.


Updated by Pim Zandbergen over 4 years ago

No such problems when using tvh with oscam and Ziggo (with local cards) using dvbapi.
Why do some people prefer newcamd or cccam over dvbapi?
Is not dvbapi the preferred interface?


Updated by Davor Komljenovic over 4 years ago

Since I do know know or understand how updates to smartcards are done, I do now know how newcamd or dvbapi work. I set up the system by following workshop made by website which they posted in 2015 (specific instructions for Ziggo, Tvheadend, and Oscam). Per those directions newcamd was used for descrambling and updating the smartcard together with tvheadend. So using newcamd is essential for me.

Can you explain how to set up descrambling and updates to smartcard using dvbapi and tvheadend? Can you point me to a web site? Is using dvbapi better/faster/more efficient?


Updated by Pim Zandbergen over 4 years ago

Hmm, this site is for tracking bugs.
The forum would be a better place for your request.

I was merely trying to point out that there is workaround for something that might indeed be a bug.


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 4 years ago

For my reference: #5048


Updated by Jaroslav Kysela over 4 years ago

The change in commit 25dfdb64f3005a47823db320a77a4bf964ceb3b1 is that the provider ID is used instead shared address. Try to print the ra structure (ra->sa and ra->provid).


Updated by Pablo R. over 4 years ago

I also have problems with shared EMMs on dvbapi (not with newcamd)


Updated by Pim Zandbergen over 4 years ago

It's very easy to misconfigure oscam. It happened to me.
The dvbapi user in oscam.conf did not match a user in oscam.user.
And it's the user in oscam.user that needs to have au=1.

As a result, EMM updates were not being sent to my cards, even though everything else just worked.


Updated by Jeee _ over 4 years ago

I have the same issue. It used to work without issues. With newcamd I did not get any EMM at all. With DVBAPI the global and unique ones get written and the shared ones skipped somehow.

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